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High-Quality Carbon Offsets.

Carbon offsets play a key role in helping companies reduce their overall carbon footprint and put them on the path towards their net zero goals.

Make a Real Impact with High-Quality Carbon Offsets.

With a growing number of companies taking steps to address climate change and decarbonise their operations, achieving net zero emissions could feel for many business leaders like a daunting goal.

Choosing the right climate pathway requires a detailed understanding of a company’s environmental footprint, including measuring both direct and indirect emissions incurred by its operations. Once this has been benchmarked, an effective and transparent carbon offset strategy is key to a company’s journey to net zero.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Investing in carbon offset projects is just one part of a company’s broader sustainability strategy. In addition to reducing their emissions, carbon offsetting helps organisations take immediate action to lower their overall carbon footprint.

Carbon offset projects also deliver a host of economic, social and cultural benefits for local communities – including enhancing biodiversity and habitats, creating employment opportunities and capacity building.

A carbon offset is generated by an activity that removes greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. By purchasing a carbon offset – or carbon credit – a company is investing in a project which is counteracting or compensating for the emissions it produces.

Once a carbon offset is purchased, the company receives a carbon credit – commonly measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) – which can be disclosed in their carbon reporting.

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Meaning the carbon that has been removed is locked away for the long term (at least decades) and cannot be reintroduced into the atmosphere

A Guide to Investing in High-Quality Offsets.

With numerous carbon offset projects in Australia and around the globe, it can be difficult to know which are credible and the most likely to make a meaningful difference in combating climate change.

The features of a high-impact carbon offset project which result in genuine emissions reduction include:




Meaning the carbon offset wouldn’t have been created without this investment, for example, a project which claims to protect an area from deforestation however the forest was never under threat.

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Look for offset programs and projects supported by independent, third-party organisations and meet internationally recognised standards.

Our Australian Offset Portfolio.

At Decarbonology, our portfolio is built on high-quality carbon credit projects which are independently verified and uniquely identified in accordance with international standards such as Verra, Gold Standard and the Australian Government's Emissions Reduction Fund.

Whether you want to reduce emissions quickly, support projects in particular locations, or develop a custom initiative, we'll help develop a tailored solution that meets your objectives and values.

Buy Carbon Offsets with Decarbonology.

When you purchase carbon credits through Decarbonology, each credit is represented by a Carbon Removal Certificate (CXC). One CXC represents one tonne of CO2 removal and is independently verified, uniquely identified, tradeable and accessible through the cloud.

Our carbon offset programs:

Native Tree Plantations

The Wheatbelt Biodiversity Carbon Credit Project is regenerating an area of degraded Western Australian farmland.

Soil Carbon

Increasing the amount of organic carbon in agricultural soils can mitigate climate change and improve soil quality.


Produced from biomass or biowaste, biochar locks carbon dioxide away in a solid substance which has multiple commercial uses.

Blue Carbon

Carbon is captured in the vegetation of coastal ecosystems including mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass ecosystems.

Carbonated Building Materials

Building products made from steel slag (waste material from steel industry) producing carbon negative concrete.

Image by Danist Soh
Image by Danist Soh

Helping You Reach Your Sustainability Goals.

Our team can help develop an emissions measurement, reduction and offset strategy that is tailored to your business goals.


Our experienced carbon advisors work with organisations to develop a roadmap towards meeting their net zero ambitions.


Contact us to discuss your needs.

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