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Consulting Services


We support businesses in creating circular economies to decarbonise supply chains and develop emission reduction strategies. Across multiple sectors, we work closely with our clients to develop and deliver complete sustainability solutions and achieve their Net Zero targets.


Our experienced carbon advisors work with them to collect both direct and indirect emissions data to produce reports compliant with international standards. We audit companies’ compliance with relevant standards and identify beneficial opportunities. Our assessments are in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard and the Australian Government's Climate Active program.

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Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Benchmarking and Verification

Our experienced carbon advisors work with you to measure your GHG emissions and can assist in developing a roadmap to reduce your company’s emissions. We use proprietary datasets, systems and methodologies developed over the last twenty years in accordance with international standards.

We provide a transparent and auditable reporting framework that can be replicated for future reporting periods.

  • Generation and verification of greenhouse gas inventories to National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) and Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard.

  • Greenhouse gas benchmarking across a range of sectors.

  • Life cycle analysis and carbon footprint assessment of technologies and projects.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions determination and carbon reduction strategies for Environmental Impact Assessments.

Life Cycle Analysis

We provide full Life Cycle Analysis reviews for your company and your products in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Energy Efficiency and Management

We audit your compliance with the relevant standards and identify opportunities that may benefit your company. We conduct energy and power measurements and implement monitoring systems to streamline processes that reduce the need for human intervention.

  • Energy audits compliant with Australian Audit (AS 3598) standards

  • Energy efficiency opportunities identification and assessment

  • Energy and power measurement and monitoring systems

  • ISO50051 Energy Management Systems standard development and verification


Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy systems design and analysis.

  • Resource monitoring and evaluation.

  • Pre-feasibility studies and business case development and evaluation.

Process Modification and Sequestration

  • Cleaner production and eco-efficiency assessments.

  • Process optimisation.

  • Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy. Our carbon advisors work with your company staff to collect both direct and indirect emissions data